Talking about water

For the last half-dozen years Francesca Rheannon has been interviewing writers for a range of broadcast outlets across the United States, and she’s also placed the edited interview sound clips on podcasts. The project is titled “Writer’s Voice with Francesca Rheannon”.

Francesca’s a writer herself, and is currently working on a memoir titled “Province of the Heart” based on time spent in Provence after 9/11.

Last summer I felt honored to be interviewed by Francesca for a podcast that also included a session with Paul Rosalie about his work of fiction titled “The Girl and the Tiger.”


That installment of “Writer’s Voice” can be found here. On the home page simply search for the authors’ names.

One of the unexpected delights that came with the publication of “Water Connections” in June, 2019 has been the exchanges with skilled interviewers such as Francesca and people who show up at book-related events with questions and personal stories of their own about fresh water. The experience keeps me current on our changing connections to inland waters.

Common questions: What can an ordinary person do to help assure that rivers and lakes are clean? What about the effect of climate instability on inland waterways? Should the old mill dam be outfitted with modern hydro, or should that dam be taken down for the benefit of fish passage?

Here are a couple of other recent recorded sessions that were related to the book:

A presentation at Bookstock — “The Green Mountain Festival of Words” - provided by Woodstock Community TV

An interview with Dan Mitchell, a host of a talk show titled “Open Mic” at the Monadnock Radio Group in Keene, NH.