About The Water Blog

The Water Blog was launched in the early spring of 2019 ahead of the June release of “Water Connections,” a book about our changing ways around fresh water.

The assumption of the blog and the book is that most people already have a personal association with water – they swim in it, for example, or they once got flooded out, or they have a relative who works for the water department, or they volunteer for a lake association that looks out for water quality, or they fish in a pond where they go on vacation.

The goal is to expose such people to aspects of water that that aren't part of their daily lives. For example, whether water terrorism is something to worry about. Or: who’s taking down dams, and why? Or: why do some people get dreadfully sick from water while others do not?

Water’s a finite resource – no one’s making water, after all – but the roles of it in human society are seemingly infinite. I aim to open our eyes to that fact.

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