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Where did that water come from?

That water that you drank this morning — it came from somewhere. Which oceans, lakes, rivers and clouds had its molecules passed through over the years, the decades, the centuries, before getting to you? In all that time what might have gotten into that water — and what if anything might have been taken out?

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Have rainstorms turned more damaging?

Yes. In recent years rainstorms have become harder and costlier, particularly in the Northeast. Climate change projections call for more of the same. What should be done about that — and at whose cost?

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What’s with all those floods?

Why are they happening, and how to prevent them? The new book “Water Connections” points to new strategies to prevent floods.

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Why is the cost of water going up?

The price you’re paying for city water is rising — or soon will. Part of the reason is in the picture: Pipes that were put in the ground 80-90-100 years ago are wearing out and need to be replaced.